Personalize your customer experience through any channel in real-time // based on all your data // seamlessly


What is Solitics?

Each customer is different. Having one journey for all customers doesn’t cut it anymore. Data and personalization is the future and the key to increasing conversion, engagement and revenues.

Solitics enables B2C brands to harness the power of ALL their data across all their data sources and create a personalized customer journey.

How it works




Real-time Customer Journey

One of the greatest advantages of the system is the visual customer journey where moving from one touch point to the next is all based on real-time and according to the customer’s behavior

Simply and easily create your marketing and customer flow visually

Dive into each touchpoint and see the results live

Understand your impact on user behavior and constantly improve

Key Features


Real-time Personal Response of 1.8 Sec!


Respond in the most personal  way to each user based on their actions (or non-actions) absolutely live!

Automation of Conversion & Retention


Easily create dynamic conversion and retention flows to convert new customers and increase engagement of existing customers




Understand the impact which your promotions and campaigns are having on your users’ behavior, starting from the message and ALL the actions that follow.

Dynamic Bonuses & Response


Provide personal incentives to each user based on their identity, historic and current behavior and actions


Centralized UI


Manage your entire marketing & retention strategy from one UI that updates in real-time


The Secret Sauce

Unique Cutting Edge Data Management Platform

No resources required...

No unnecessary customizations...

Get up and running within up to 45 days guaranteed!

Solitics unique solution enables you to focus on what is important – Your Customers! 

Connect to all data sources in the organization, no matter how distributed

All integration work is done by Solitics.

Just grant us access to the data and we will take care of the rest

We eliminate all need for data consolidation and management

Add or remove any data source at any time seamlessly.  

Fully GDPR compliant

Hundreds of Partnerships Across the World


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